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Bonus Material

Below are maps, images and links to information I used to create the world of Vamp Town.

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Pride of Ontario's route.

Seating chart.

Location of Vamp Town.


Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada.

60s style bar.

Wurlitzer jukebox.

US Army surplus K-rations.

Traditional Russian Orthodox

monk's cassock.

Alexei and Vladimir may have worn clothing like this when they were at the family dacha in the summer.

Alex and Vlad have the surname of Rurik. Rurik is a very old Russian family name.

Milkor Riot Gun

Combat Bowie Knife

Types of Japanese Swords

.357 Magnum

9mm Hand Gun

Weapons used by Action  Team Operatives.

Towns were built to test the effects of atomic bomb blasts on various structures and materials.

Fast roping out of an Osprey.

Osprey interior.

Mother Of All Bombs

MOAB being delivered from a C-130.

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