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Bonus Material

Below are images and links to information I used to continue creating the world of the Monster Keepers.

Inspiration for the meteorite that lands on Bronze Age village in Estonia.

How I came to the idea that the vampiric "Virus" came to earth as nanobes on a meteor.

I imagined my interstellar travelers acting to their new environment like slime mold.


Pontifical Gregorian University

Swiss Guard

Lake Bodom Murders. Father Lovac and the Cacciatori were sent to investigate the crime for vampiric involvement.

Archbishop Michael Corrigan

Theodore Roosevelt as Police Commissioner

St. Patrick's Cathedral New York City

The deplorable conditions in New York City of the late 1800s.

Island of Vice by Richard Zacks tells the story of Theodore Roosevelt's attempts to clean up a vice filled city and a corrupt police department.

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