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New Jobs Can Suck . . .

Today is Liz Adams’ first day at the Center for Specter Control. Established by Theodore Roosevelt in 1890, its clandestine mission is to protect the world from the stuff of myths and legends.


However, before Liz is fully briefed, alarm bells sound. The perimeter of RES SITE-ALPHA has been breached.

Not an escape. An incursion.

Answers will have to wait. First, the CSC must save nine humans from being the guests of honor at a feast the inhabitants of Vamp Town are throwing in their honor.

Perhaps by day two, Liz will have a better understanding of what she has gotten herself into . . .


. . . if she survives the night.

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Liz Adams survived her first day as an agent of the Center for Specter Control  . . . barely.

Apparently, saving humans stranded in a secret government reservation populated by vampires wasn't challenging enough. Now, Liz and partner Craig Wright have the unenviable task of locating the rogue vampire, Vladimir Rurik, before he can revive a diminished vampire race.


Until then, people will die or worse . . .

. . . and no one is safe.

Work Can Be Draining . . .

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The course of Liz Adams’ life may have changed, but not her desire to destroy the rogue vampire Vladimir Rurik.


Vlad has his own plans, however, and Liz is an essential part of them.


Maybe with the help of a new partner from the Vatican, Father Thomas Lovac S.J., she may finally put an end to Vlad and accept what she has become . . .


. . . or at least learn how to live with it.

Immortality is Hard to
Swallow . . .


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